Názvy pracovních pozic

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C# Analyst
C# Developer
C# programátor
C/C++ Developer
C/C++ programátor
C++ Analyst
C++ programátor
Cabin Attendants
Campaign Manager
Category Management
Celní deklarant
Channel Specialist
Chief Accountant
Client Service Manager
Client Support Manager
Clinical Area Manager
Clinical Regulatory Specialist
Clinical Research Associate
Clinical Research Business Development
Clinical Research Manager
Clinical Team Manager
CNC programátor
Cognos Application Manager
Collection Coordinator
Collection Specialist
Commercial Sourcing Specialist
Commodity Buyer
Commodity Planner
Compensation and Benefits Analyst
Compiler and Tools Engineer
Compliance Officer
Computational Engineers
Construction Manager
Consular & Office Manager
Consulting Billing Specialist
Continuous Improvement Manager
Contract Administrator
Contract Manager
Contract Manufacturing Engineer
Control Engineer
Controling Specialist
Corporate Actions Specialist
Corporate Finance Analyst
Corporate Sales Manager
Costing and Projects Controller
Country Buying Manager
Country Manager
Country Sales Representative
Country Service Manager
Credit & Collection Manager
Credit Analyst
Credit Manager
Credit Risk Manager
Credit Scoring specialist
CRM Development Consultant
CRM Manager
Customer Care Agent
Customer Centre Manager
Customer Insight Manager
Customer Quality Engineer
Customer Service Agent
Customer Service Manager
Customer Service Professional
Customer Service Representative
Customer Service Specialist
Customer Support Assistant
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